“Kurt Baum helped us design our home and was able to design the home to our specifications. He took the time to meet with us and gave us guidance to have a beautifully designed home.”

—MK Lawton

“I am the owner and principal interior designer of RLH Studio in Minneapolis. 2 years ago, I had the pleasure of hiring Kurt Baum as my architect to design a new home for my husband and me. As a seasoned designer, I knew what I wanted, however, Kurt made me better than I could have been with out him! He is a very talented and thoughtful architect. My home has wonderful natural light, gorgeous millwork and a fabulous flow. I highly recommend Kurt Baum as an architect. His attention to detail is bar none!”

—Renée Hallberg

“In 2003 we interviewed several high-end architects. We retained Kurt Baum, as we felt he listened to our desires and would design to our vision. In the final product we were very pleased, as were our family and friends. Moving in 2005, we are still 12 years later appreciative of the flow and design, which is timeless.”

—Virginia & Bob Carlson

“My wife and I can’t thank Kurt Baum and Associates enough for helping make our dream a reality. We were introduced to Kurt after the first firm we worked with failed to develop a plan within our budget. Kurt did an amazing job helping shape our ideas into something we could afford.”

—Alan and Mary

“Importantly, Kurt listens carefully first, so his result combines our vision with his talents and experience. It was critical to us that he had embraced multiple styles, which gave us confidence that he would have the design flexibility to give us the home we wanted. The end result was our dream and fits beautifully into our neighborhood.”

—Eric Larson


“Kurt is a thoughtful team player; he listens carefully to both the client and the interior designer. I so appreciate his collaborative spirit and his ability to see and connect with all the creative forces at work. Not only does he design good looking houses, but user friendly ones, and there is no ego to get in the way!”

—Carol Belz, Interior Designer

“Kurt is an approachable architect, who is easy to work with because he encourages collaboration. I have worked with Kurt on over a dozen projects and he thrives in an environment where the builder and the architect both have a voice on the team. Kurt is talented, creative, and most importantly he is mindful of every homeowner’s budget. We have successfully worked together to design well built homes, and I hope to have continued partnerships in the future.”

—Bob Near, Streeter Homes

“Kurt’s professionalism, his ability to not only listen but to hear the client, his resounding level of respectfulness and his creative talents are all amazing! The versatility and communication set forth by Kurt and his team make for an exceptional process as well as for providing an outstanding outcome for his clients!”

—Tom Hendrickson, Owner, Erotas Custom Building

“I have had the pleasure of working with Kurt Baum on one of my favorite projects. His ability to read the client and interpret their vision was amazing. The completed project was more than the client had ever hoped for. Kurt was great to work with, he was respectful of my team and our design, and incredibly helpful in executing our plans.”

—Talla Skogmo, Interior Design

“Kurt is a very talented architect who listens closely to his clients and delivers beautiful and timeless designs. Whether the project is small or large, contemporary or traditional, Kurt can really do it all. We appreciate his personality, follow-through, and his team-oriented approach to design immensely.”

—John R. Kraemer, John Kraemer & Sons, Inc.